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Tis web site is for a guide or helping site not anything bad.
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ALL STUFF is from maple story the game made by
Wizet© and Nexon©
Maple story is a game where you can explore a totally new and unknown world you have never been to. On geo maple we'll show you step by step guids, gallery pictures, and more. I the game maple story it is free download and you can talk to other users, put on clothes and accessories, and even make new freinds in the game. You may begin the journey to explore worlds alone, but you may come out on the other end with alot of new friends through hunting and chatting.

At Maple Island, you will learn from the NPC's simple hunting skills and basic control of the game to help you ease into the game. Then, you'll board the ship that heads to Victoria Island, and that's where your journey REALLY begins.
From Lith Harbor that welcomes you from a long journey from Maple Island, you'll run into such fascinating towns as Henesys - the village of bowmen with comfy mushroom-shaped houses gathered together; Ellinia - the village of magicians with mysterious spells embedded between tall trees; Perion - the village of warriors with the fighting spirit typical of the Indians living in highlands; and Kerning City - the village of thieves that reminds you of the back alleys of dark cities.

You'll be playing the game at Victoria Island where all these diverse and unique towns and fields coexist.

Here, you are going to be just a regular gamer hunting down monsters and protecting yourself in the process. You'll be given 4 paths to choose from, 4 that will define your life in MapleStory: Warrior, Bowman, Thief, and Magician. Through leveling up and meeting some requirements, you'll be able to make job advancements and nurture your character in your own, unique way

You'll become a brave adventurer protecting the Maple World, and if you're exhausted from all the intense battles and competition, you may one day build your own house at a quiet rural village, enjoying the life of a recluse who welcomes visitors


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